All Technicians are highly trained & certified according to Safety Guidelines

    We utilize Non-Toxic Chemicals Disinfecting – Decontamination High Pressured Industrial Vapor Steam

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    We Clean What Others Can’t / Won’t / Shouldn’t


    Hoarder, Hoarders, Hoard, Clutter, Accumulated Possessions, Gross Filth, Trash House, Bed Bugs and MRSA… these are all DANGEROUS! The dangers of these are as follows: Health risk (Airborne Pathogens, Waterborne pathogens, Food-borne Pathogens) We are experts when it comes to helping Hoarders, Trash Houses, Gross Filth, Accumulated Clutter. We cleanup the Hoarding, Trash House, Gross Filth, and Cluttered Homes, we then disinfect every square inch, we help the home owner(s) to stay organized so that this situation does not arise again. Our team of professional Decontamination Specialist Technicians understand that most individuals collect and/or accumulate a number of items/possessions over time which they do not want to part with. There is no need for shame, embarrassment or disgust we understand and we are non-judgmental about the hoarders situation. We will work with the Hoarder to reach a non hazardous living condition and to live in some type of normality. We separate all items within the premises into three categories: 1. Absolute necessities – things that you must have. 2. Items which may be donated to a woman’s shelter (Tax Write Off) 3. TRASH – items to be disposed of.