Our pricing structure varies from job to job. Upon arrival, the field supervisor will evaluate the premises, take numerous pictures (digital documentation), offer a written proposal and explain in detail what will be done to rectify the incident.

Sit back, relax and let our expert team of technicians restore some normality back to your life.

Team sizes will range from two (2) technicians on up, depending on the needs of the project.

In House Financing / Payment Plan:
We are able to offer you In-House Financing, we can design a payment plan that is comfortable for you. Yes pricing can become quite expensive, some people just cant afford the costs of a severe cleanup… We will make suitable arrangements with you so that you can live a healthy, comfortable life in a safe and healthy environment!
On Time:
We will arrive at your location, ready for action!
Our trained certified technicians have literally seen it all.
There is absolutely nothing that will shock them.
As our motto states
“We Clean What Others Can’t, Won’t, Or Shouldn’t!”

All of our technicians go through a series of comprehensive written and Hands-On Training course(s), Once successfully completing our training course, our technicians then receive their OSHA Certification (29 CFR 1910.120(e), and are then sent out on assignments where they are evaluated by Field Supervisors to ensure that they meet our compliance standards. We ask for feedback from our clients to ensure that we’re exceeding their expectations.

We realize that we may encounter personal and private information during the course of our work. Our technicians adhere to a strict confidentiality policy which states that everything that transpires between them and you must be kept completely confidential (within the law).

You can expect to be treated with courtesy, and your concerns will be addressed with patience.

Our technicians undergo severe background and reference checks to help ensure their integrity is unquestionable. We are also insured and bonded.

We respect your decisions and honor your wishes throughout the cleaning process.

Product Recommendations:
We are well-informed about the advantages of using certain products to help keep things organized. We can recommend certain items that could be purchased on your own, or through the our product website (Click Here). You have no obligation to buy, and there is never any pressure for you to buy anything should you choose not to do so.

Conclusion of Assignment:
Upon completion, we will arrange for donation pickups, help prepare lists of items for charities, remove and disposal of large items or items that cannot be taken to the curbside for pickup (additional fees will apply). If need be, we will arrange for 20′-40′ rollaway containers for disposal (landfill) purposes (additional fees will apply).