5 Star Reviews

Mary A.
Las Vegas Nevada:

What a relief, thank you RapidResponders.com

From the moment that I spoke with you up till the end you all were super.

If i ever hear of anyone needing your service, I will recommend you for sure.

I called a plumber to help me with my toilet which was broken but had some stuff in it.

The plumber refused to fix it until the toilet was cleaned.

I called a couple of other companies that for whatever reason they couldn’t do it either.

My final outreach was to you, you came here immediately, and after coming to an arrangement on a fair and reasonable payment you got busy and had my toilet cleaned and working within a couple of hours.

You are like SuperMan, I cant believe no one else would help me.

Thank you, I will always call you if I have a problem.

A very satisfied customer 🙂


Carolyn D.
Las Vegas, NV

I just want to thank you Mr. OBrien for all your help.
From the moment I called you till the end, you were a perfect gentleman and very compassionate and understanding of my needs.

You and your group of workers were fantastic, I can finally see my floor after so many years. I didn’t realize just how much stuff (JUNK) that I had. My place looks like new.

I really appreciate you showing up on time and with unmarked vehicles, I have nosey neighbors who are busy bodies and I do not want them knowing my business.

I over heard either you or one of your guys speaking to one of my neighbors.. the neighbor asked you whats going on in there, and you said “Have a good day”, and that was it. I was so afraid that my neighbor would trick you into a conversation, but you were to smart for her.

My place looks like brand new now. I can have my grandchildren over for the holidays, I am so excited. I just might have you come back just to tidy up a little before the holidays.

thank you for everything and I am especially happy that you ere kind enough to put me on a payment plan because of my fixed income fro Social Security.

If I ever know of someone who needs your help, I will refer them to RapidResponders.com

Carolyn Dugnan


Las Vegas, NV

WOW WOW WOW, thank you David and crew… I cant believe my eyes. I am in awe, you guys are miracle workers.

I hired a company last year to help me with my cluttered situation and they were no way a sufficient as you. They did okay work, but you guys are amazingly thorough.

I am now able to invite family and friends back into my house without being embarrassed or feeling some sort of shame.

I love you guys, especially your tech Asja, she is so funny, what a personality on your crew, such a joy.

I will never ever call any other company…, oh and your rates are very reasonable and because of my financial situation, you even put me on a payment plan… THANX

Anyone reading this, don’t waste your time with others, call and speak with David You will be glad you did.



Davio Liuzzi
Las Vegas, NV

RapidResponders.com blew my mind, I called them and within the hour there was a 4 man team at my door assisting with the gruesome task of cleaning up my grandmothers house which in my opinion should have been knocked down and destroyed,it was a severe hoarder and gross filth with rats, roaches, flies, fruit flies and maggots. it was absolutely disgusting, I had no idea that she was living in such conditions.

After three long days, RapidResponders.com had brought her house back to almost brand new. I was/am amazed at the professionalism and speed that your company had displayed thank you so much.

If I ever know of anyone that needs a hoarder cleanup, RapidResponders.com will be highly recommended.

Thanks again,

Davio Liuzzi


John C.
Las Vegas, NV

I am in complete disbelief, I never thought that my house would look so good and clean.
Thank you RapidResponders.com you and your crew were so sensitive to my hoarding situation.
Very discrete, compassionate, understanding without being judgemental.
I would highly recommend your service to anyone with a hoarding problem.

Thank you,



Jill H.
Burbank, CA

Rapid Responders was able to take care of my request for a Home Cleaning assessment the same day. The junk removal and cleaning process were as painless and quick as possible.



Christopher W.
Las Vegas, NV

I don’t know where to start, this experience has been so amazing and has left such a positive impression on me, I wish I had more business to give. I called and spoke with David (the owner) and he began helping me from the first, initial point of contact. He showed up to my house within two hours of the call, inspected the area that needed to be cleaned and got started within minutes of being in the house and examining the area.

His pricing was reasonable and he even worked with me. By the time David was done, it was like I was staring at a different room. Compared to other similar businesses, I can say that David offers a level of understanding and compassion that makes interacting with him more than just engaging in a business agreement. He treats you like a human being, not like a customer.

As I said above, this was an amazing experience that left me with such a refreshed and positive outlook, I wish I had more than 5 stars to give.

Christopher W.
***Two days after my initial service with David, I found that I was overwhelmed trying to get another room in order. I called him back and yet again, within a two hour window, he was at my house and started getting to work. He was understanding, compassionate, and worked with me every step of the way.

The fact that he was able to completely clean a room, paint floor boards, remove mold, etc. In less than a day and a half, it shows how dedicated he and his crew is to what they do. David is a true professional, he treats his customers with dignity and respect and that is such a rare trait.

I am glad I was able to give him more business, I honestly would never use anyone else if I needed similar services again.

Christopher W.


MoonKat P.
San Antonio, TX

Very great team! David and his crew are very thorough, nice, good sense of humor, and prompt. And they will work with you if you need it. They’re also one of the few places that offer c.diff aka clostridium difficile decontamination services, including a non bleach formula okay’d by the EPA and CDC. Why this isnt on tje mainstream market..i have no clue!
Anyways, nice people and nice service. Hoping to work with them again soon.

MonnKat P.


Stephanie W.
Los Gatos, CA

David and his crew helped us clean out 20 years of hoarding trash from the home my mother was renting. Within 48 hours the job was completed and the house looked remarkable. If I could give more than 5 stars I would!

Stephanie W.